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Manual for HBM-3 Thermoplastic Handliner

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All of us at S.T.E. Inc. would like to thank you for purchasing one of our pavement marking application systems. We hope you will appreciate our effort in making this unit as user friendly as possible. We have spent a great deal of time engineering the system to provide the end user with a highly productive tool, which will give years of safe reliable operation. Please read this manual carefully and give your unit the care as outlined in the following pages and the system will respond accordingly.

This manual will provide you with the necessary information to operate and maintain your S.T.E. Inc. HBM-3 T or M hand applicator.

The HBM-3 applicator is designed to install all types of hot applied thermoplastic road markings, including crosswalks, legends, messages, symbols, center lines, and edge lines.

The HBM-3 has been engineered to meet the ridged demands of the contracting industry, and with a small amount of care and maintenance it will provide years of service with minimal repairs.

The construction of this applicator is primarily lightweight aluminum, and is balanced to enable the operator to maneuver the unit with minimal effort. This maneuverability enables the operator to make very sharp turns and ultimately provides a great deal of flexibility to install many different types of road markings.

This applicator was designed primarily to install hot thermoplastic that has been transferred into the holding tank from a larger premelter. The unit was not designed to melt large quantities of thermoplastic in the holding tank.

The HBM-3 unit by itself has very limited capabilities with regard to melting enough thermoplastic to make it productive in any sense of the term.

This equipment contains a heating system to keep the thermoplastic in the holding tank at operating temperature. An additional radiant gas heating system keeps peripheral components at proper temperatures.

Thanks Again From

Butch, Missy & Sonny

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